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European Diplomatic University

University Life


Consulting Services to Participating Governments, stakeholders and interested parties include:

  • Public Diplomacy Support
  • Advisory services at diplomatic events 
  • E-Government / Internet-related consulting and support
  • Relationship management with public foundations and NGOs
  • International law assistance
  • Observer missions and government-oriented workshops 
  • Economic Forecasting and Guidance
  • Diplomatic Extension and Capacity Building 
  • Academic support / curriculum development and documentation

About EDU

EDU is a free simulation program that invites students, educators, and professionals from a variety of backgrounds to step into the roles of decision-makers on the Governments, EU or UN umbrella organizations.

Classroom Ready

Used in high schools, colleges and universities, military academies, international organizations, and the governments, EDU delivers compelling interactive materials to meet a range of curricular goals.

Twenty-First-Century Learning

Dynamic, in-person role-play lets students see policymaking and negotiation in action, while thorough case studies allow students to explore issues rooted in everything from international relations and history to public health and climate science to demographics and economics. In addition to learning about the issues, institutions, and processes involved in foreign policymaking, students who participate in a EDU simulation build critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, all while preparing to be informed and active citizens.